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Standard integrated fast-installing base station

Standard integrated fast-installing base station:

       Such base station consists of the communication tower, engine room and counterweight system, with all components fabricated in the factory, and the on-site assembly can be completed within 2-4 hours; and the base station features in the short cycle, small footprint, fast installation and flexible turnover, etc. With the height ranging from 25 m to 35 m, it has been successfully used in various scenarios, including the urban area, suburb, plant area, campus and scenic spot, etc. In terms of the layout, it is available for 3 layers of antenna holding poles, which meets the sharing needs of three operators.

1、Base station located in Hangzhou Sanbao Shiplock: with a height of 30 m, the construction is completed on the embankment.


2、Base station located in Chengdu Longquanyi FAW-Volkswagen plant area: located in the FAW-Volkswagen plant area, the base station has the dual-wheel shape, the tower is 30 m in height and the engine room is 2.4 m×5 m in size, and the total area covers 4.5 m×6.0 m.

3、Base station located in Nanchang International Convention and Exhibition Center: the tower is 24 m in height, the engine room made of color steel plate is 5.0 m×2.4 m×2.7 m in size, and the total area covers 4 m×6 m. It is located in a corner of the convention and exhibition center.


4、Base station located in Beijing Shunyi Yiyuan Park: the base station is 35 m in height, with six flood lamps. It has the small corrosion-proof wooden cabinet.   

5、Base station located in Fujian Quanzhou Riverside Channel along the East Sea: the base station is 30 m in height, which is designed based on 0.9 Kpa wind pressure.